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1-800-444-6443 (National toll-free Brain Injury Resource Line)

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Welcome Professional Staff

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Steven D. Wade - steve@bianh.org

Executive Director

Ellen Edgerly - ellenedge@metrocast.net
Community and Legislative Organizer

Lori Sandefur - lori@bianh.org
Director of Events and Special Projects

Renee Fistere - renee@bianh.org

Administrative Assistants

Marlene Anderson - marlene@bianh.org

Administrative Assistants

Jane Karagianis - jane@bianh.org
Business Manager

Jose Yatco - jose@bianh.org
IT Manager

Annjeannette Dow - annjeannette@bianh.org


John Richards -  john@bianh.org

Special Projects

Erin P. Hall - erin@bianh.org

Director of Programs and Services

Krystal Sieradzki - krystal@bianh.org

NRF/Case Manager Supervisor

Case Managers and Neuro-Resource Facilitators

Barbara Howard - barbara@bianh.org

Transitions Coordinator

BICSP - Program Coordinator

Erin Hall

Barbara Howard

Information and Resources

Rebecca Mohler - rebecca@bianh.org

Case Management Administrative Assistant