Rehabilitation Therapy in Your Community

Rehabilitation therapy such as physical, occupational, or speech/language therapy may continue after your child comes home. There are several types of rehabilitation programs for children living at home. The first type is an out-patient program. For out-patient therapy, your child will travel to the clinic or facility for scheduled therapy sessions or day treatment programs. Out-patient rehabilitation may be provided by a pediatric clinic, comprehensive out-patient rehabilitation facility, or a rehabilitation facility providing both in-patient and out-patient therapy. Things to consider when thinking about an out-patient program are:

The second type of rehabilitation service is provided by home care agencies. These agencies can arrange visits by therapists in your home at scheduled times. This may benefit families who live long distances from a program, who find that transportation is complicated for their child, or whose child tires easily.

Decisions about rehabilitation programs will be based on your child's specific needs and the availability of programs in your area. Your child's medical team can help you identify out-patient rehabilitation programs and decide which will meet your child's and family's needs. If your child is also receiving school-based rehabilitation therapy, coordination between therapists is recommended.