Communicating with Unit Staff

Once your child leaves the ICU, keeping track of all the people in the hospital can be even more confusing. More professionals will take an active role in your child's care. Gather the following information about each person you want to communicate with:

  1. Name and specialty
  2. Telephone number(s)
  3. Best times of day or week to talk or meet with you
  4. Best ways to contact them (by phone, appointment, in office, at child's room)
  5. Who to ask for, if they are not available at the hospital or in their office
  6. Most reliable way to leave messages
  7. When they expect to get information from special tests

Refer to the worksheets for organizing information about hospital staff.

TIP: As your child progresses and is moved to different areas in the hospital, it is important to always ask which doctor is in charge of your child's care.