Children may feel isolated or cut off from their friends and relatives. People who have no experience with brain injury may avoid visiting or unintentionally make upsetting remarks. Educating friends and relatives about brain injury is important.

Suggested questions to ask...

  1. When can brothers, sisters, and friends visit? Are there age restrictions?
  2. What are visiting hours?
  3. Is there written information on brain injury and the rehabilitation program that I can use to prepare visitors?

TIP: Prepare friends and family for visits. Friends and family can be shocked and upset when they first visit a rehabilitation program. They may not know what kind of changes to expect in your child's physical condition, behavior, and thinking. Prepare them just as you did for visits to the hospital, by giving them detailed descriptions in advance. If you have pictures of your child in the hospital and later in rehabilitation, show them before they visit, if possible.

Her best friend traveled almost 2 hours to visit Jennifer in the rehab hospital. But after 5 minutes, Jennifer was too exhausted to do anything but stare. She couldn't talk, and her friend didn't know what to say or do. I should have better prepared her friend for what to expect.