Working with the Rehabilitation Team

With so many people involved in your child's care, it can be confusing to know who is doing what and how it all fits together. Most rehabilitation programs have teams that work together to plan your child's program, coordinate care, evaluate progress, and prepare for discharge. Each member has a special expertise and works on a specific part of your child's care.

There were so many people that it was hard to keep them straight. I wrote down the names, titles, and phone numbers of everyone I met and kept the information in a special notebook. It was the only way I could stay organized.

You can expect the rehabilitation team to:

Questions about the rehabilitation team....

  1. Who's the leader of the team?
  2. Who's on the rehabilitation team, and what do they do?
  3. How does the team share information with its members?
  4. How are decisions made by the team?
  5. How does the family become part of the team and stay involved?
  6. Can parents attend therapy sessions?
  7. Will the team change over time?
  8. How often will my family meet with the entire team?
  9. How can I set up meetings with team members individually?

TIP: Ask for a meeting with the team as soon as possible.

Discuss discharge planning at every team and family meeting. It's never too soon to start thinking about the future.