Discharge Planning

It is never too soon to begin. Planning for your child's discharge from rehabilitation needs to begin at admission. While it is impossible for anyone to predict exactly how your child will recover, everyone needs to know as soon as possible whether your child will be going home upon discharge. Parents frequently ask when their child will be discharged. Although estimated dates may be given, it is important to remember that discharge dates can be changed based on your child's progress and readiness for discharge. The following questions can help you start thinking about the future.

Suggested questions to ask the rehabilitation program...

TIP: Contact the social work department to begin learning about resources in your community, region, and state. The process to collect information needs to begin early. Don't wait for a referral from the doctor.

My Child's Educational Needs

A brain injury can affect a child's ability to learn, so preparing your child and the school is an important part of pediatric rehabilitation.

Suggested questions to ask...

TIP: If your child will be in a rehabilitation program for an extended stay, ask about starting educational services as an in-patient.