Costs of Care

It is important to know the costs of rehabilitation and the benefits and limits of your insurance or medical program. If you do not know this before your child is admitted to a rehabilitation program, then you risk unexpected bills or early discharge.

Questions to ask....

  1. What is the daily cost of the program? What does this include? How am I billed for extras?
  2. How are charges calculated? For example, some charges may be by the day; others by units of time, or by test or procedure.
  3. Does your insurance or medical program only cover certain rehabilitation programs?
  4. If my insurance or payer does not pay for all the services, who is billed next?
  5. Will the rehabilitation program help me find other public or private insurance and financial benefits?
  6. How do I get copies of bills and payments?
  7. What happens if my child is rehospitalized for an emergency, complications, or tests? Will the insurance or payer cover this?

TIP: Meet early with the case manager in your insurance company or medical program to discuss your child's rehabilitation and discharge plans.