Choosing a Program

It is important to choose a rehabilitation program that has experience with your child's age and type of brain injury. However, there is no substitute for visiting facilities and talking with staff directly. If time allows, try to visit any rehabilitation program that you are considering.

Suggested questions to ask about...

Are there other children in the program?

  1. How many children with brain injuries do you treat each year?
  2. How long has this program been treating children with brain injuries?
  3. How often do you treat children who are the same age as my child?
  4. Are there other children like mine (physically and cognitively) in this program?
  5. Do you admit children with conditions other than brain injury? If yes, how is the brain injury program different, and how is it similar?

Who makes the decision about admission?

  1. How will you decide whether to admit my child into this program?
  2. What kind of medical information and records will you need?
  3. How will hospital staff be involved in the admission and transfer process?
  4. How will my child travel from the hospital to the rehabilitation program?

How do you ensure quality of care?

  1. Is there a written policy on the rights and responsibilities of children and families?
  2. Who do I speak with if I have any complaints or concerns about the quality of my child's care?
  3. What licensing or accreditation does this program have, and what does it mean?

Are overnight visits by family allowed, and can my child leave?

  1. Can I stay overnight with my child?
  2. Can my child leave the hospital for overnight visits home?
  3. Can I take my child on day trips to the zoo, museum, beach , or shopping?

TIP: It's okay to ask questions at each step along the way.

You and your child are the consumers. You need to be informed and knowledgeable about brain injury and rehabilitation.