Where Can I Get Medical Equipment for Home Use?

If your child needs medical equipment, there are several places to look. You may be able to borrow equipment from your local pharmacy, school, volunteer agency, or medical recycling company. Your child's doctor or rehabilitation specialist can advise you on which items can be reused. Durable medical equipment suppliers offer new equipment. Just like buying any product, it is wise to shop around for the best prices, selection, and service. Try to rent rather than buy equipment if your child is likely to outgrow it quickly. Your choices of equipment suppliers may be limited by your location or your insurance coverage. Listed below are some questions to ask your durable medical equipment (DME) supplier.

  1. What insurance companies do you bill and accept assignments from? Will you bill them directly? Do I need prior approval forms?
  2. Do you have pediatric equipment available? What experience do you have working with pediatric clients?
  3. Can my child try out the equipment before I buy it? Can you refer me to another family who has used this type of equipment?
  4. How do I get the equipment serviced, cleaned or repaired? Who do I contact for emergency repairs? Are there service charges? Will you repair it in my home? If you must take it for repair, what do I use while it is out of service?
  5. Can this equipment be transported? Is there a portable version?

Contact the Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire for a list of assistive technology providers at http://www.bianh.org/resource/assistivetech.htm.