What Does My Child's Primary Care Physician Need?

If your child does not already have a primary care physician or pediatrician, you will need to identify a physician who will be responsible for your child's primary care. Ask that both you and your primary care physician receive copies of your child's:

Provide your primary care physician with the names and telephone numbers of:

  1. specialists involved in your child's care
  2. agency providing home health care
  3. school nurse
  4. other regular caregivers

When scheduling appointments, make sure that your physician's secretary knows when your child needs more time with the doctor, and ask for a double appointment. If you are calling the office with concerns or questions about your child's condition, ask to speak to the nurse.

If your child is being seen by a specialist, review what type of medical issues should be addressed by your primary care doctor and which issues require the attention of the specialist. Also determine if referrals need to be arranged by your primary care physician before you can see the specialist. Your insurance case manager can provide this information.

Make sure the hospital's discharge summary was mailed to your local doctor. Have a copy sent to you as well. Contact the hospital's Department of Medical Records to check on it. Give them at least a week after your child has left the hospital before calling.