What Does Your Child's School Need?

Let your child's teacher and school know that your child has had a brain injury as soon as possible. Keep the school informed about your child's progress. The school will need to know:

  1. When your child will return to school
  2. Adjustments in schedules and activities that are needed
  3. Restrictions or cautions for sports, play, or physical education at school
  4. How to reduce the risk of your child being injured at school
  5. Copies of medical reports for the school nurse
  6. Letter from your physician stating your child's medical condition and whether an evaluation for special education is needed

TIP: Ask the school what paperwork (letters, tests, or reports) is needed to show that your child has had a traumatic brain injury.

Schools and rehabilitation programs often have different expectations about what students need, what resources are available, how much services will cost, and who will pay for them. So it is important that people from the school, hospital, and rehabilitation program get together as soon as possible to begin planning before your child goes home.

The hospital staff can help you advise school staff about your child's:

TIP: Follow up to be sure information is exchanged between hospital and school staff by meetings, in writing, during visits, or by telephone. The Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire can help with this process.