Looking Ahead: Financial Strategies for Your Family


You are probably now past the initial stages of your child's recovery and are looking down the road at your family's future. It is a relief to be past the "crisis management" period, but the future can be uncertain.

It took a while to figure out I was not alone. Talking with other parents made a big difference.

There are professionals at agencies and organizations who can help you. There are other parents who have navigated the course you are on and can guide you through the rough spots. Their insight and experience will help you find your way through the "system". It is comforting to know that others have shared the same feelings and problems you are having.

This chapter will help you:

  1. Understand eligibility requirements
  2. Identify programs that may help your child
  3. Network with agencies and groups that can support your efforts
  4. Think about planning for your child's financial security