Map provided by:
NH Commission on PTSD and TBI (SB 102)
Map completed by DHHS/DCBCS/BBH/jh04/06/2012
NH National Guard
and National Reserve Resources,
with Other Military Resources
Number of Veterans Deployed
Since 9/11
Family Assistance Centers support
the families of deployed Guard and
Reserve service members as well
as family members of geographically
dispersed active-duty families through
information and referral services.
Data from:
Citizens Soldier Support Program
andAddress data from displayed resources
Veterans Deployed Since 9/11
152 - 203
204 - 367
368 - 640
641 - 1,633
VA Vet Center
National Guard Readiness Center
with Family Assistance Center
NH Veterans Home
VA Hospital
National Guard Readiness Center
Armed Forces Reserve Center
VA Medical Center or Clinic
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 10,11